Lord give us your spirit, eyes to see, & Peace Of Mind, I Surrender to You

Lord give us your spirit, eyes to see, & Peace Of Mind, I Surrender to You

Lord give us your spirit, eyes to see, & Peace Of Mind, I Surrender to YouLord give us your spirit, eyes to see, & Peace Of Mind, I Surrender to YouLord give us your spirit, eyes to see, & Peace Of Mind, I Surrender to You

Welcome to Peace of mind survival a spiritual worship & physical food resource for the mind, heart, body, & soul

His word is a spiritual food for the body of Christ, a healthy heart, soul, & mind survival strength

Spiritual & Physical food for the body, mind, heart. & soul.

Lord gives us wisdom, & strength, for all the members of the body, Amen.

 I love God's country in anywhere U.S.A. & the world if it may!  Leaving the man-made concrete palace for a journey to the breath of God's backyard wood’s is the difference between night & day. All His creations are a fingerprinted signature of His illuminating masterpiece of jewels & beauty in this life with more to come in the next. The concrete cowboy deals with the man-made concrete pollutions in the city lights, including distraction, noise, confusion, violence and very little peace. God’s country reveals the hidden secrets of who He is & opposes what the concrete pound of the day takes for granted. If one wants to see & connect with God spiritually, then one just needs to take the front seat away from the concrete noise & pollution. Take a view of the peace of night & He who breaks the dark with His light which is here to stay like the hanging chandler in the sky “the universe of the milky way!" One must escape the artificial light pollution of the concrete palace to the midnight star light piercing country experience. The point is we are so caught up in city pollution, & our minds do not get the spiritual peace in God! We need to clear our minds to connect, to meditate through His word in fasting to seek God’s peace, His way & will. So how do we connect to God when He’s at the door of one’s heart? How do we connect to that small still voice reaching out to one dealing with the pollutions of the enemy? He is the adversary of God’s perfect will for you. If not now, someday one will realize that there are only two master’s, but we can only serve one. It might be that you’re approached by the spirit of God through, “maybe a coworker,” The spirit of God will be of a sound reasoning if one listens close. But the pitchfork sales guy is not of reason, but a strong force of stern influence. The adversary uses this forceful tool as the concrete noise pollution needed to drown out all the sound reasons to follow God’s way! If one can get through the mental concrete block of stern forceful influence, one may hear the voice of God’s sensible reasoning.    

Most will not listen because they can't hear past the pitchfork sales guy to even hear His name or what it means! Well His name is Jesus, & without Him, our life will be doomed for Hell; We all need Him. We are a survivor through Jesus & without Him we all would perish. We worship Jesus for He's our bridge to our peace of mind, The Word, His assurance, His word, is our spiritual survival food that we use to deal with the dark forces, that wage war over our minds. He's the bread of life, He quenches our thirst with His living water, & He is the light to the world. Where His light shall be, the darkness must leave offering the inner you a healthy mind to repel, & the strength to resist the thoughts of the flesh. Jesus gives us a wholesome life & the results is internal peace to survive in this life & eternal glorious peace that waits for us forever thereafter, Amen.


We all need Him!

Jesus will save your life too

The groom comes for the Bride
Jesus comes for His church
The Rapture

Survival with & through the Holy Spirit

 Pharaoh’s Dreams was concealed, but by our God through Joseph revealed Pharaoh's dream & a survival food storage warehouse was the solution. As one may see Poms is a Christ orientated site for spiritual growth which in time can reach someone to receive a spiritual Peace Of Mind which Surpasses all Understanding” Poms & U.”  Our God is the potter & we are His clay. We are also a survival site, for we believe that if it was not for Jesus Christ & what He has done on the cross for us, survival without question would not have any meaning as it surely does today. There are many examples in His word that through our faith, that survival plays a role in our life physically with the needs of food, water, light, & heat! but what would be of the most importance is our"spiritual survival"with the Holy spirit, Christ Jesus.  Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.  

His life of grace & mercy given to us through His word is our spiritual food "He's the Bread of Life" He quenches our thirst with His living water & His light that leads us His way on the narrow path of this life & thereafter. The story of Joseph which is a parallel example of Jesus Christ also plays a role through faith of his survival during his life & after slavery.  the store house, the famine, & the food storage which provided food resource for all including his father Jacob & his brothers who sold Joseph into slavery. God's word is the bread of life & He's worthy of our worship, 

John 6:35 And Jesus aid to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, 

when we thirst, we quench our thirst with His living water, 

John 4:14 “but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” He's the light within us to show others His way 

1 John 1:5, This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. 

1 John 1:6 If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. Our survival begins with the Spiritual armor! Girded up with the waist of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, & the sword of the spirit. So, yes there's spiritual survival everywhere in Old & New Testament of His word. Spiritual survival foods is metaphoric in reference to the physical foods, water, & light that we consume for survival in our everyday life too. So Poms is all about salvation & the gospel of Jesus Christ, & Poms plays a role in practice to place our treasures & values above where it belongs & at the same time Poms reserves the good stewardship that our God has given to all of us to work, till, & harvest the grounds of survival. With Poms our God always comes first with Spiritual & survival health. At Poms we place our faith in God to see us through with blessings for our world wide outreach efforts with prayers & support from the sales of survival foods & products. Proceeds will be applied to the cost & maintenance of this site to reach people world wide. Poms will reserve some space for Long Term food storage & survival foods, camping, & recreational survival supplies. Thank you for your Poms support for His Ministries always comes first & remember. 

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.   Amen Thank you & blessings to you from Poms & family.

See NKJV Scripture part II Jacob & his son Joseph

If God is for us, then who can stand against us? Blessings.

United we can


We praise You & worship You Lord Jesus in our worship to You for your wisdom in spirit a survivor & warrior in Your word, our heart, mind, & soul. We nourish & thirst for your word, You are the bread of our life in survival against our fleshly desires. Your word is our bread, & food nourishment we seek daily for the strength and growth needed as your warrior in survival in these dark trying times of this world. We thank you Father God for Your blessings that we receive daily & pray to be prudent in wisdom as a good steward in our physical life to provide for loved ones with survival means of food , shelter heat & all necessities that our physical body needs to survive. Thank you, what You lord God have given to us, to be productive in all means of life and to love & forgive as You have, amen. 


P.O.M.S. Plan Our Meals Survival we Can, 

United we Can Divided we fall and fail if we do not remain prudent in our walk of wisdom, & what I mean by that is to learn from the past and to never forget our historic heritage.  Poms  intends to re-introduce a lost art a survivor has used almost 100 years ago, & still works today. Keep your God given eye's peeled in future postings here at  Poms  Praise the Lord, amen.

Coming soon Plan Our Meals one Step at a time Survival Food

Poms reflects & shares the example of our Lords will with His servant Joseph.


At Poms we're all about survival & the food for the physical body, the mind, heart, spirit, & the soul. Joseph from the book of Genesis 41 was a man after the heart of our God.  God gave the interpretation of Pharaoh's dream of the good yields in harvest compared to the God given forecast of the long famine & drought. Joseph explained this dream to Pharaoh as a warning to prepare a survival food storage while crops & livestock are good. Pharaoh impressed with our God and the interpretation of his dream moved Pharaoh to place Joseph in charge of the construction of a survival storage house large enough to store huge numbers of survival food & products. Joseph was second to Pharaoh and always put our God first with the spiritual nourishment for his walk with our lord. God blessed Joseph in leadership to micro manage survival food supplies during the seven years of a good & plentiful harvest.  Joseph was in charge of  survival for the physical body, & the spiritual survival of the mind, heart,  &  soul.  Poms has a common ground with our lord and Joseph. Poms wants you to know that we are in the process with a virtual storehouse of survival foods, fruits, vegetables, & basically survival products soon. God has been given us the clear message that troubled times are all ready here & the only question that remains not answered is, when is the survival dam going to bust , when are we going to be flooded from the end game of this man made hyperinflation? This is why Poms is creating through our God "His message to us of the Joseph theory, & we call it Plan Our Meals one Step at a time Survival Food program. Just take a look at the plan below which would give you a brief example of the Poms plan. Poms reaches out to you to thank you for your visit, time, & patience with us, and please tell other's about us & please revisit us for more encouraging bible verses that we will often share in worship for our living God.

Physical nutritional Survival food & products page

Survival Joe Food Barn pg 3

Long term 30 yr Survival Foods

  • Bucket survival Meal
  • Plan Our Meals Survival one step at a time

First aid & prayers pg 5

 Survival Food Resources 

  • Garden Seeds
  • Aquaponics & water downspout systems

Joe's Water Survival pg 7

.Food Survival Resource

  • Water Barrels, Misc
  • Downspout Water Filter Systems, This & that

Jacob's Good fruit Seedspg 9

Poms the branch of good Fruits

  •  Berries & more Berries
  • Water in the Melon
  • Cantaloupe not in a can
  • Plum trees, & Apricots Seeds  or no seeds & more

Jacob's Vegi seed needs for birth right stew pg11

Vegetable gardens done right for life

Vegi corn & green bean seeds, tomato, cucumber, & lettuce from organic seeds for all your salad needs of endless greens of vegetable seeds, 

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Poms: Plan Our Meals one Step at a time :Poms

Poms Plan Our Meals Step1 Starting a new food storage survival monthly plan.

Plan Our Meal Survival one step at a time. Three bucket survival food start up plan.

All long term survival food storage and freeze dried survival foods carry a 25 year shelf life, and if stored in a cool dry area long term freeze dried survival foods can preserve for even a longer period of time. Almost all our long term Survival food ready to go products have a fair discount savings, with free offers and free shipping as well for all your ready to eat, ready to go, long term freeze dried meals & survival foods. A survivor has personal access to Grab and Go ready to eat freeze dried meals like, the Ultimate evacuation survival kit. Use this ready to eat freeze dried survival meals, & emergency bag for when a crisis may happen you are ready to go now. As always we praise our God in worship for the blessings we do & have received, amen.

Poms Plan Our Meals Step 2 Your second month long term survival food integrated plan

Plan Our Meal Survival one step at a time. Six bucket survival foods

  Most people know that storing long-term freeze-dried meals in the proper container will prevent the survival food from becoming stale.  One needs to gain a better understanding of the process & science behind the long term survival food storage freeze dried survival foods, & family planed survival meals  will go a long way toward helping you keep your survival food fresh and ready to eat whenever you need it. Poms is informative of the new & forgotten science available for processing long term survival products & survivor information. Poms supports scripture that is applied in our spiritual life, which also applies in our everyday life. physically. He's our bread of life,He's our living water, & His light that illuminates His way to the whole world & only He is worthy of our worship. 

Poms Plan Our Meals Step 3 Chicken ala-King. Ready to Eat long term Survival Food.


Peace Of Mind Survival  results in following the Poms food survival assurance plan, enjoy for it's not just a assurance reward for you , but consider this, we all are going to meet our maker in the sky, hopefully for you on good terms, and that would only be due to what Jesus has done for us & not by our good works. These products have a up to thirty year survival food shelf life span, how assuring would that be for other's. Somehow I seem to think that our food will be heavenly light. Moving on, Examine to sample idea's of what you may want, like Large portions of CHICKEN ALA KING Ready Chicken ala-King. Ready to Eat freeze dried survival Foods, a survivor Lunch N Dinner Entree's, & ready to go. I worship you Lord for any & all blessings received from You, & Your will is mine & our offerings back to You Lord Father God, amen.

Your third & fourth month food source achievement planned

Plan Our Meal Survival one step at a time.

Here at Poms we understand that with some there may be more time at the end of your pocket book. 

Proverbs 14:15  “The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.” God will bless us but we need to be good stewards in times of uncertainty with survival foods & Plan Our Meals one Step at a time. 

Survival Foods Beef Stroganoff with Pasta

Beef Stroganoff for your daily end physical body needs.

So prepare today with survival food storage & you shall be ready for tomorrow. A survivor follows the Plan Our Meals & Survive one step at a time. We thank God for the wisdom He gives us with our worship, amen.  A survivor sows food seeds, & some went to the way side, some fell in stony areas, others were choked among the thorns, but the seeds that landed on good soil produced much fruit. The good soil is God's word & we are the seed. Lord fill us with Your goodness in word so we can mature with much fruit, amen.

Survive the day with Pan cakes, eye opening foods

Survival food cakes in the pan starting a good morning with today's plan.

 We need to be  prudent in life & have a long term plan with survival foods from the good soil that furnishes the harvest of our purpose spiritually & physically to live in worship for our creator whom has given us this life & the life after.   NUTRIVERSAL PANCAKES. PREP TODAY WITH P.O.M. SURVIVAL FOODS & have the morning crisis solved before the day begins. 

We praise our Lord for He blesses those who serve His will and seeks Him, glory be to our God, Amen.

P.O.M.Survival. Prepared survival foods today for tomorrows planed survivor coming soon. I lift You up my Lord in worship with my mind, heart, & soul, amen